Minutes of September

Meeting Date: September 14, 2011


Meeting was called to order: 6:34 PM

Board Members Present: Don Hummel, Lou Papera, Jay Kingston

Prospective members: Gene S. 1st Meeting

Guest Speakers: 

Joe Coletto - Suntrek - Gas Co. now offering rebates on commercial pools.

Chip Hughes - Nisus Corp. - Talked about Poolproof, a Hexaborate Water Harmonizer. chiph@nisuscorp.com (904)910-8289

Jack - All Pure - His price of liquid chlor and acid with delivary. 

Topics Covered:

Email - You can now update your emails on our chapter website.

Sick route database - Must be entered or $100 fines will be given.


Raffle Prizes  

Suntrek - 2 buckets 50lb Tabs

Superior - 50lb Tabs, Net of choice, Pole 

Meeting adjourned: 6:54 PM