Minutes of November

Meeting Date: November 9, 2011


Meeting was called to order: 6:45 PM

Board Members Present: Mike Flanagan, Don Hummel, Lou Papera, Jay Kingston

Prospective members: Gene S. 3rd  Meeting

Guest Speakers: 

Dick Flynn - Talked about 2" and 1 1/2" skimmer diverters; Pelican Pro net pin replacement demonstration.

Eric - T & K Pool Products - Talked about the TK Isolator light box  with built in GFI; Their universal temp sensor.

Russ - Zodiac - Talked about a new app for mobil devices that can control customers equipment settings. $100 over the counter rebates on heaters.

Joe - Suntrek - $500 refferals on solar installs.

Jack Carter - All Pure - Talked about the Buddy Poppy Foundation for veterans; Chapter voted to make a $1000 dontation.

Topics Covered:

Chapter Board remains as is for 2012.

Sick route - Sick route database, accounts must be entered or fines will be given.


Chapter presented Superior with thank you gifts.


Raffle Prizes  

Suntrek - 2 buckets 50lb Tabs

Pentair - Pool Shark pool cleaner

IPSSA - 4 $100 Superior bucks & 12 $50 Superior bucks

Superior - 2 buckets 50lb Tabs

Zodiac - Nature system & Pro spa wand

Hayward - Salt meter

Dick Flynn - Net & 2 Diverters

TK Pool Products - 2 nets, Vac Strap, & Leaf master bag



Meeting adjourned: 7:33 PM