Minutes of February

Meeting Date: February 8th, 2012


Meeting was called to order: 6:38 PM

Board Members Present: Mike Flanagan, Lou Papera, Jay Kingston

Reading of Treasury report

Review minutes of last meeting

Prospective members: Keith M. 1st meeting

Guest Speakers:

Dick Flynn - Talked about skimmer diverters and Gator net.

Joe Harvey and Jason Whitney - Pinpoint Leak Detection - $300 for pool only, $325 for pool and spa. Call Joe @ 805 650-8885 office or cell 805 701-1303. Jason's cell  @ 805 469-5129.

Russ Burke - Zodiac - Download app to control pool equipment. Board and chip is available, mailers can go to your customers. 

Topics Covered:

Sick route - We have a member going out, pools need to be started on February 20th. Service needed is around 8 - 9 weeks.

Mike talked about regional meeting in SLO.

  • Liability insurance rates going up in April (5% or $2.25)
  • New coverage of 5K for medical expense on job injury
  • New coverage of 5K for replacement of lost customer keys ($100 deductable)
  • Insurance rates for remodels going down
  • Investigation into roll a chem feeders failing.

Raffle Prizes  

Zodiac - Nature 2 unit

Superior - 2x 100lbs conditioner 

Dick Flynn - Net & 2 Diverters  



Meeting adjourned: 7:07 PM