Minutes of August

Meeting Date: August 8th, 2012

Meeting was called to order: 6:43 PM

Board Members Present: Mike Flannagan, Lou Papera, Jay Kingston

Reading of Treasury report

Review minutes of last meeting

Prospective members: Kieth M. 4th Meeting

Guest Speakers:

Dick Flynn - TecServ - Talked about 1 1/2" Threaded diverters; Trash collector net; Stop leak

Russ Burke - Jandy/Zodiak - Rebates on product; Proedge program $50/ Mo.; I aqualink available.

Aaron Codella - Codella Solar - Talked about solar heating installations and repairs.

Mark McAlister - TechMCS, Inc. - Software for the tracking and maintenance of customers, works with mobil devices and can be viewed by customer. call 805 755-6275 or mark@techmcs.net

Joe - JC Solar - Solar installs and repairs.

Topics Covered:

Sick route - 1 Member is still out. 

Doughboy pools not covered by IPSSA. Liner pools ok. 

Raffle Prizes

JC Solar - 50# bucket tabs

Superior - 2 50# bucket tabs

TecServ - 2  11/2" skimmer diverters; Trash collector net; Fix a Leak

TechMCS - 30 accounts 90 days free

Zodiak - Nature 2 express

Codella Solar - 15% comission on install  

Meeting adjourned: 7:35 PM