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Fund Raising Events 

Thank you guys for passing this on. We all know Russ is one in a billion... He makes everyone around him feel special and makes everyone smile. This is not something I have been able to wrap my head around. He is loved by many I know everyone will want to help and support him...
This is the fundraiser that will be happening in Simi Valley June 22nd.
It is an open event so I don't think you need to be invited you can join.
If you do need to be invited tell anyone to request me as a friend and I will invite them
This is an account that was set up for Russ. It is through paypal so the only downfall is they take 5%
If they have no other way to donate this is OK but I would rather people use the US Bank account because
he gets the full amount.
"Russel Burke Fund"
checks can be mailed to
Russel Burke Fund
c/o Michelle Cirocco
1117 Corto Street
Simi Valley CA 93065
the donation account number is 157501588147 at US BANK ...
Thank you guys and please let me know if there is anything else you need...
Warmest Regards,
your have to sign in and then type in russel
This site was made by his sister Christine and updated by Christine and Dianna ( other sis )
Thank you...
Warmest Regards,

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